A little tweak can go a long way – get to grips with your BMS

Inspired by our last article, you have developed an energy management plan and now you are looking for some real savings.

Let’s look at building management systems (BMS).

Since building controls can make or break a building here are 6 tips to get you thinking…

  1. Review temperature set points – if they are inconsistent the BMS may be trying to make up for poor air balance. Resolve the real problem first
  2. Extend space temperature dead bands – look to heat or cool only if space temperatures are outside of a reasonable range e.g. 21 to 24 degrees
  3. Review high select settings – look to eliminate outliers and perhaps adopt averaging over a range of high/low temperatures
  4. Review economy air cycle operation (where applicable) – make sure dampers modulate properly, that enthalpy control is enabled, and that the minimum lockout has been disabled
  5. Adopt floating setpoints where appropriate – some chilled and heating water systems lend themselves to floating their respective setpoints
  6. Get a new perspective – engage a NABERS assessor with BMS tuning/energy management experience to conduct a high level review of your BMS, with a view to identifying further savings opportunities.

Half a day spent tweaking a BMS can deliver significant energy savings.

In addition to getting expert assistance, there is a wealth of resources available online.
The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage website should be high on your list, and in particular seek out their optimisation guide (http://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/business/hvac-guide.htm) – WT were one of the contributing authors.



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