A Futurist Mindset

WT’s Nick Deeks in the Australian National Construction Review on the futurist mindset we need to embrace in order to grow in a smart sustainable way.

Cost of COVID-19 to the Construction Industry

Australia’s building contractors are facing delays from China-based factories which remain closed because of the COVID-19 virus, threatening site shutdowns that could cost the largest projects as much as $200,000 a day in damages. WT’s David Stewart comments in Commercial Real Estate and the Financial Review.

Value Over Cost in Workplace Design

WT’s Sam Alexander talks on Value Over Cost in Workplace Design. Good design is a vital component of any workplace. It can be challenging to fit every good design idea into a business case budget, so what should you prioritise?

Politicised Infrastructure Planning Won’t End Well

As we begin a new year and look towards a future with a projected population growth to 31 million over the next 15 years, it’s evident that the bodies representing infrastructure don’t have enough power – and those that do aren’t cutting it – Nick Deeks comments in Sourceable.

Apartments need more drone pads

It costs an extra $250,000 to include all these features, but it would be difficult – if not impossible – to build them retrospectively.

WT Victoria 70th Anniversary Celebrations

View a snippet from WT Melbourne’s recent 70th anniversary celebrations to get a glimpse into WT life.

WT Market Report

WT has launched its Construction Market Conditions, October 2019 report summarising trends in the construction industry for each state and forecasting tender price escalations.

Top 100 Women

WT’s Nicole Trumbull recently featured as @top_100_women’s ‘Woman of the Week’.⠀

How to tell if an apartment building is financially healthy

How to tell whether an apartment building is financially healthy before you buy in, from WT’s Adam Adkin, published in Domain.


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