Project Description


Plenary Group

Project Value:

$185 million

Project Design:

Lyons Architects



In 2008 WT Partnership was engaged to provide quantity surveying services and fulfil the role of Independent Certifier and Independent Verifier for the PPP design and construction contract of a biosciences research facility at Melbourne’s La Trobe University for the Victorian Department of Primary Industries.

The building, to be known as AgriBio, the Centre for AgriBiosFinanciercience, comprises 30,777 m2 including:

  • PC2 labs totalling 5,611 m2
  • PC3 labs totalling 493 m2
  • Glasshouses totalling 1,792 m2
  • 4 No polyhouses totalling 585 m2
  • 4 No screenhouses totalling 420 m2
  • An animal house of 1,065 m2; and
  • Post mortem/CERS/NMR facilities of 1,760 m2.

The design also features an open foyer featuring large glass atrium; a dynamic staircase; seminar rooms with views of the surrounding landscape; café and commercial spaces; open plan office space and flexible laboratory spaces with moveable laboratory benches to enable adaptation to changing scientific focuses.

AgriBio will accommodate up to 400 staff from DPI and La Trobe including scientists, students, and business and science-support staff who specialise in plant and animal genomics, plant pathology, animal health and agricultural sustainability.