Project Description


Victorian State Government Department of Transport

Project Value:

$60 million

Project Design:

Hyder Consulting


John Holland

To accommodate 38 new X’Trapolis trains additional storage and maintenance facilities were required at Craigieburn Train Station. The works included the construction of an additional nine train roads, a new maintenance facility, a train wash bay and a staff amenities building.

The new maintenance facility included a 200 x 65 m building including two OHL isolatable elevated inspection roads with full length pits to cater for 160 m long trains; one no. 6 car jacking road; a future jacking road; 15 tonne overhead travelling crane for bogie transfer to storage of placement on road vehicles; overhead travelling platform and crane for access to all roads; roof access platforms to all elevated roads; parts storage under the path of the overhead crane.

WTP provided bills of quantities for a number of project tenderers, including the successful tenderer, enabling competitive pricing of the project and accurate bid submissions to the Department of Transport.