Project Description


Victorian Department of Justice

Project Value:

$22 million

Project Design:

Billard Leece


LU Simon Builders

Originally constructed in 1884, Victoria’s Supreme Court Building, required refurbishment to meet the needs of Victoria’s contemporary judicial system.

The upgrade was the first wholesale upgrade of the building since its construction and included the upgrade and restoration of six major historic courtrooms along with complete refurbishment of a further two courtrooms plus upgrades to judges chambers, jury rooms, amenities and the roof cladding.

As the Court continued to operate throughout the works the project was undertaken in five stages to minimise disruption to Court proceedings and maintain security integrity. Planning of the works included the development of a full staging plan which defined every detail of the project with WT Partnership’s team working during the early phases to identify risks associated with the works including heritage refurbishment, high security requirements, supreme court judges as clients and a construction management contract. To understand and mitigate all of these risks we worked very closely with the client group, judges, lawyers, contractors and designers to develop methodology to facilitate appointment of the contractor on a fairly weighted cost plus contract.

Identification and mitigation of risk along with effective cost management during construction also resulted in under-budget delivery of the five stages of the project, allowing the client to scope and undertake an additional two phases of works incorporating a new judges chamber and upgrade of the courtyard paving.

For such a significant project the refurbishment works were an outstanding success.

WT Partnership provided full quantity surveying services during the restoration of this historic building.