Project Description


Australasian Conference Association

Project Value:

$180 million

Project Design:

Morris Bray Architects & Hassell Architects



The Sydney Adventist Hospital is the largest single campus private hospital in NSW with an expected 60% increase in the demand for services between 2011 and 2026. The Stage 1 Master Plan Project allows for the expansion of an existing Clinical Services Building to provide a new 11 storey acute care facility.

The new works incorporate eight operating theatres, 180 inpatient beds, a comprehensive cancer care centre (including day infusion, radiation oncology, oncology consulting and clinical trials areas) and dedicated birthing suites.

The project also includes the establishment of a new entrance to the hospital combined with a three level lobby and a new multi-deck car park. Extensive Infrastructure works will also be undertaken.

The Stage 1 Masterplan works are being managed as a number of individual projects being carried out concurrently whilst ensuring that the hospital is able to remain fully operational for the duration of the works.

WT was engaged at concept design stage to work with the design team and hospital executive to provide budget information, value management advice and commentary on the proposed method of project delivery. At the time of construction our role had expanded to include financial audit works and an independent financial certifier role.