With almost 70 years of experience, Quantity Surveying is a core discipline for our business and our team, providing specialised services across the project life cycle.

With our broad market experience, and technical knowledge, we have the processes and people to provide rigorous and innovative benefits for our client partners.

The cost advice we provide is both realistic and comprehensive, covering all aspects of the project, specifically designed to help our clients make informed decisions. Our approach and methodology assist to mitigate project risk and successfully complete the delivery of projects.

Value management drives our estimation and cost planning techniques.  We believe optimising the capital work budget is more important than solely minimising cost.  This methodology has been developed to ensure unnecessary costs are eliminated and to provide the best value within the agreed budget.

Our services include:

Cost Management and Development Services

  • Estimating and cost planning
  • Construction cost management
  • Value management
  • Risk analysis
  • Elemental and functional analysis
  • Expenditure forecasting.

Contract Administration

  • Progress claim valuations
  • Claims analysis
  • Contract variations
  • Re-measurement for final accounts
  • Final account settlement
  • Cost audits.

Contract Documentation

  • Contractual advice and procurement strategy
  • Tender package measurement
  • Tender and contract documentation
  • Bid evaluation
  • Contract negotiations.

We also provide:

Builder’s Bills of Quantities are measured in building trades format, unlike cost estimates which are measured in building elements. The trade format allows our clients to provide sub-contractors and suppliers with a document to assist in defining their works package. This assists our Clients in developing a scope of work that is fully understood and quoted for by competing sub-contractors.

WT has an in-house team specialising in the production of Bills of Quantities and is acknowledged as an industry leader in providing comprehensive and professionally measured quantities to assist the tenderers in scoping the works thereby assisting in obtaining realistic and comprehensive bids.

WT is an experienced provider of services to banks, institutional investors, trusts and end users providing reassurance through our development monitoring process.

We are currently appointed to the panel or are recognised by all major Australian banks including Commonwealth Bank, ANZ, National Australia Bank and Westpac.

Our service provides clients with ongoing independent professional advice on the construction risks associated with a development project, their likely impacts and the measures available to avoid, mitigate or transfer them.

Through our expertise in tax depreciation, we can offer tax advice as early as business case stage to support investment proposals and decisions on the actual cost of development. In some cases, the tax benefits available from asset and building fabric depreciation have a significant impact on the feasibility of the investment.

Our registered tax practitioners will analyse your project, assess any depreciable assets and provide an assessment of the building write-off at the requisite rate (currently 2.5% p.a). We can then provide a yearly summary of depreciation, which can be used for input into your tax assessment.

Based on our expertise in facilities management and lifecycle analysis, we have developed a specific understanding of the effective life, reactive maintenance and cyclical replacement requirements of a broad range of buildings in varying locations, scale and use.

Our analysis and recommendations result in an annuitized plan for funding. This service can be performed following conclusion of construction works but also as a desktop assessment to support contract management assessments or broader business case /investment planning

Whether insuring a newly constructed building or an existing property, it is important for clients to ensure that their building’s insurance policy includes an appropriate value for replacement. Typically, policies consider a range of scenarios including damage and partial replacement and also total loss situation.

Our service provides a concise report with detailed cost analysis and recommendations for insurable value.

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