Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

In our previous post we discussed the upcoming changes to the Commercial Building Disclosure requirements. To make sure your building is not disadvantaged, it is important that you minimise energy wastage. But where do you start? Over the coming weeks we will touch on a few opportunities including controls, HVAC and lighting. Before you start, you need to think carefully about the journey.

Until relatively recently, energy and water efficiency in the built environment was seen almost exclusively by building owners and managers through the prism of cost savings. The imperatives of global warming have quickly changed the focus to using energy efficiency strategies to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from buildings, in order to achieve meaningful, sustainable outcomes.

NABERS has become the benchmarking system of choice in the commercial building arena and the Commercial Building Disclosure legislation has enshrined its use. Because NABERS is all about actual performance, building owners have nowhere to run – nowhere to hide.

WT has a history of helping clients understand where their energy and water output is being expended and how they might plan for its reduction, and we see same issues arising time after time. As a consequence we recommend clients develop proper energy and water management programmes. These can maximise profits and minimise costs so it’s important that they focus on:

  • Improvement of energy and water efficiency and reduction of energy and water use, thereby reducing carbon emissions and overheads
  • Cultivating good communications on energy and water matters
  • Developing and maintaining effective monitoring, reporting and management guidelines and strategies
  • Developing ‘buy-in’ and dedication to the energy and water management strategies from all employees to realise a common goal
  • Achieving a  range of complimentary environmental benefits.

Drawing on WTs experience, over the following weeks we will look at some of the specific steps a building owner or manager can take to drive better energy performance – stay tuned…

Key Contacts

Steve Hennessy – National Manager Sustainability


Jag Dhandwar – Senior Advisor